Easily sell your digital products, e-books, courses and so much more online with Squills!​

An easy solution for anyone from any business. Sell your digital products and create an online store in minutes, no experience needed. Automate your sales with instant deliveries no matter how many times you sell or what you are selling!

Sell anywhere in the world​

Enjoy a world with no geographical barriers and sell your products instantly everywhere.

Sell digital products

Earn passive income​

Earn money and continue to sell your digital products online even when you are sleeping!

Sell digital products

Enjoy limitless deliveries

Offer dozens of products that can be sold thousands of times with no extra work.

Sell digital products


What is a digital product?

Digital products are the future. They qualify as any virtual product that can be purchased online and instantly downloaded. E-books. Presets. Courses. Digital illustrations. Plugins. Soundtracks. Templates. When you add a product to your store, you will be asked to upload a file, this file will later be sent over to your new customers when they purchase from you! No involvement or extra work needed. Easy as ever.

Sell digital products - what is a digital product


Squills supports all popular digital products.

Are you looking to start selling your digital products online but don’t know where to start? Do not worry! We got you covered, there are hundreds of digital products you can offer no matter what kind of business you are in. Everything is possible. Maybe these examples can give you an idea on how to get started:

Sell digital products -photographers


Sell your photos, Photoshop/ Lightroom presets or filters, share your tips or even sell courses.



Sell subscriptions, lifestyle podcasts, video or audio courses, downloadable journals and planners.



Sell your audio files! It can be beats, voiceovers, soundtracks, instrumentals, sound effects.



Sell your website templates, magazine layouts, fonts, InDesign themes, digital illustrations.



Sell your e-books and audio books, writing tips and courses, subscriptions to your newsletters.

web developers

Web Developers

Sell your plugins, website templates and themes, coding courses, integrations, games, apps.

Start selling your digital products !

Open your own online store today!

No code or experience needed.

Our platform gives you all the tools necessary to profit online no matter who you are or how much experience you have. We make it easy and affordable for anyone to start!

Sell digital products - what is a digital product

simple to use

Manage your store with Squills!

Open and keep updating your storefront with our easy to use platform. Add new products or edit existing ones, change pictures, descriptions and prices anytime you want! Make a good first impression with our clean templates, easily manage your sales and revenue, accept payments, add integrations and build a long lasting relationship with your new clients.

features - products

Add many products

Got too many products? Don’t worry! Upload and sell as many products as you want.

features - files

Upload large files

We support all file formats: PDF, Mp4, WAV, Doc, Xml, etc. Upload files up to 10MB.

features - shop

Customize your shop any time

Add new images , edit descriptions and preview your shop while you make changes to it.

features - money

Accept payments in the app

With our fast check out you can offer online payment options and get paid instantly!

features - downloads

Safe and quick delivery

We deliver your products safely and instantly every time a client purchases from you.

features - growth

Manage your finances

Keep constant track of how much you are profiting from your business.

Sell digital products - beautiful storefront

Beautiful storefront

Maximise your selling potential with a clean, professional and easy to use storefront. Use our templates to create your Landing Page in minutes and drive traffic to your store, all within one app!

Limitless deliveries

Upload your work once and no matter how many times you sell it, we deliver. We fulfil all orders instantly and there is no limit on how much you can profit. 3 sales? 140 sales? 1800 sales? Name any number! We handle all.

Arrow - how to start

Automated shop

Your customers will be granted instant access to the product they just purchased from you. No extra work every time you sell something. Sell anytime, anywhere. Keep customers coming back with our quick deliveries.

Highly scalable

Selling products online is one of the most profitable digital business you can get involved with. You can easily scale your business by offering the same products you already do but in different languages, formats, sizes or even prices!

Sell digital products - highly scalable

It's so simple!

So simple - step one

1. Create a product

Log in to Squills
Add products to our shop
Upload all your files

So simple - step two

2. Drive traffic

Promote on social media
Build client trust
Manage your sales

So simple - step three

3. Profit!

Sell when you sleep     
Manage payments online
Keep track of revenue


Your Guide to start with Squills

Get your files ready

Now that your online presence has been easily set up get on social media and email to start promoting your products and driving traffic to your shop! The more you promote the bigger your chances of scoring a sale.

Create your shop

Log into your dashboard and start uploading your products to your shop! Add descriptions, images, revision time, hourly or daily rates

how to start with Squills
how to start with Squills

Promote your products

Now that your online presence has been easily set up get on social media, email and start promoting your products to an online worldwide audience! The more you promote the bigger your chances of scoring a sale.

Grow your business

Let your products do the work for you, start letting them sell themselves anytime, anywhere and wake up to new sales everyday. Keep adding new products and we keep delivering them!


Selling your own digital products online can be that easy too!

Join dozens of other freelancers who are already using Squills! It is free to start and affordable as you go.
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