NoCode development is the perfect example of productization – it will affect your industry, too


NoCode development is productization of coding service. But what does that mean? Back in the days, when you wanted to create software but did not have the skills to do it yourself, you needed to find and hire expensive developers. The development process usually took months and produced high costs. Nocode promises to let you create software within hours or days. This might change the way we think of software development for ever.

What is NoCode programming?

Nocode programming is a new way of writing, using no computer code. It allows users to create software through a visual interface with the program being stored in the cloud. Nocode programming was created by a group of computer programmers who wanted to make programming more accessible to everyone. The concept behind Nocode is that people do not need to know any code in order to create a functional and useful program. A Nocode platform is basically a product that allows you to create programs yourself instead of hiring masses of developers. It is also available online for free to anyone who wants to learn how to program

Software development with a visual interface

The advantages of NoCode development

The purpose why Nocode was developed, is its biggest advantage: Nocode can be applied by almost anybody. Since Nocode is so easy to learn it can be started straight away by people of all ages and backgrounds. This democratizes the world of software development and allows even solo entrepreneurs with very limited resources start a software business or test out a business idea. From a company’s perspective, this means that suddenly, anybody from your organization can start creating software to improve your current business. So no longer capture requirements and manage development teams, but let the people who know the processes best of all build the solution for it. Further, Nocode allows its users to continuously edit their programs after they have created it.

The disadvantages NoCode development

Nocode is still in an early phase of its life cycle. This meany tons of opportunity but also high uncertainty. At least for now, there is no overarching standards and no dominating platform, yet. As of July 2021, seems to be on a very promising track to establish a dominant position in the Nocode sector, but this domain will certainly be a very competitive space in the next years. Also, this means once you decided to start working with one platform you might get tied to the platform and experience difficulties or disadvantages when switching.

Leading NoCode platforms

  • Adalo: Allows you to create fully functional apps in no time without needing any programming languages.
  • Airtable: Is a tool that looks like a simple spreadsheet, but it is more than that.
  • AppSheet: this solution is part of the Google Cloud Platform. AppSheet provides a no-code development platform for application software, which allows users to create mobile, tablet, and web applications using data sources like Google Drive, DropBox, Office 365, and other cloud-based spreadsheet and database platforms.
  • Bubble: If you need to build a web app, Bubble is your new best friend. It gives you the opportunity to prototype a whole app, build and launch in hours, and scale your growth efficiently. With a powerful set of internal tools, it is functional and easy to use at the same time.
  • Webflow: As we know creating really good, high quality websites usually takes up a lot of time. Webflow is a website building platform that lets you design and launch responsive websites.
  • Zapier: Many users describe Zapier as a swiss knife that helps so much in a simplistic yet effective way. It saves time, money, and a huge headache. Zapier integrates apps and tools in a way that they perform specific tasks like a domino effect.

Productization will happen in more industries

What we see with Nocode in the software industry will happen to other industries, as well. We have already seen this effect in the past. For example in the photo industry. When digital photography and later instagram democratized a field that was initially reserved for few people with enough money and knowledge. Suddenly almost everyone had access to it, which led to incredible amounts of creative images and videos and even entirely new business models. When transferring this effect to other industries, this means that soon, special knowledge will be accessible to everyone and it will allow users to perform tasks that used to be done by a specialist. So Nocode development is productization of software development. If even something apparently as complex as software development can be simplified by technology so that almost anyone can use it, what does that mean for your expertise and your industry?

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